When the love of God touched my heart, all I could say was ‘YES!’

"help me!"

A vocation is to listen to Jesus as He says

Pope Francis

to Him,

It is a look of love from the Sacred Heart of Jesus, felt in the the depths of your conscience, inviting you to surrender your heart and life exclusively, irrevocably, and totally

for the sake of Him. 

to be radically available to all

This vocation requires my free and assiduous cooperation, like that of a laborer who works tirelessly and tenaciously until the end. God has willed that neither will He do this without me, nor can I without Him." 

Fr. Pablo Menor, SJ

Is it possible that God calls me when I have already found my professional vocation?


How is this personal choice of Christ manifested? 

What signs give me  signs of this call? 

Can't I be a saint in my profession and raising a family?

I like  parties, music, life... Will this path be for me?

Frequently asked questions

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It is a constant invitation that Christ directs to the depths of your conscience so that your heart and your life are exclusively His. And, given to Him, you are fully available

for all the brothers

"You win, do what you want with me."

Fr. Eduardo Mendoza, PES 

I met Pro Ecclesia Sancta when God wanted me to. I was a junior in college studying engineering. I never thought that a year later I would enter religious life.

"God chose the weak of the world..."

Sr. Paola Zea, PES

I met the Lord when I was fifteen years old, and from that point on I had fallen in love. It was a love that impacted my heart and placed in it a concept that until then meant nothing to me: “holiness”.

"A favored one because of His grace and love"

Br. Carlos Miguel Mestanza, PES

My story with the Heart of Jesus began when I was a child. Serving Him at the altar, being very close to Him, was one of the experiences that changed and marked my life forever.

"God was always calling me."

Sr. Lynn Luecke, PES

After having met some sisters of Pro Ecclesia Sancta who had just moved to the United States and seeing their joy, friendship with Jesus and great desire to live holiness, I fell in love with the Heart of Jesus and this charism.

 The saint in the making can never care for just himself.
His holiness must also be the seed of holiness in others;
the grain which dies
even as it was fruit of another’s holiness."

Fr. Pablo Menor, SJ


through the spirituality of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and to thus contribute to the permanent renewal, strengthening and expansion of the Catholic Church.