Born from the Sacred Heart: 

at the service of God and neighbor
We are a Family

of priests, consecrated men and women, and lay people who, moved by God, who is Love, have given our lives to the mission we have received from our founder: To live and promote the universal call to holiness through the spirituality of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, putting into practice the Ignatian heritage our founder left us.  

The joy of working as a family, united in the Heart of Jesus, leads us to put at the service of the Lord all the gifts He has given us, especially serving those most in need.

is our holy obsession for the glory of the Most Holy Trinity, under the maternal encouragement of the Most Holy Virgin Mary and the protection of Saint Joseph. 

Jesus Christ

that our founder, Fr. Pablo Menor, left to us as his legacy. These are the firm and sure support that allow us to face the difficulties that may arise.

The foundation of our lives are the 

7 basic


1.  Spirit of Prayer

2. Spirit of Self-denial

3. Love of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist

4. Love to Our Lady

5. A Spirit of Vigilance (examination of conscience, spiritual direction and frequent confession)

6. A Serious Knowledge of the Faith

7. Annual Retreat

Pro Ecclesia Sancta is a catholic institute of consecrated life. It is made up of priests, religious men and women and lay members, founded by Fr. Pablo Menor, S.J., in Lima, Peru. We were formally approved in 2012 as an Ecclesial Family of Diocesan Right.  

The institute unites two separate branches: a male branch, composed of religious men, some of whom are clergy, and a female branch, composed of religious women. The formal incorporation of lay persons in also in the process of being formalized. The entire institute has as its end the living and promoting of the universal call to holiness and perfection by means of the spirituality of the Sacred Heart of Jesus ad maximam Trinitatis gloriam ("for the greatest glory of the Blessed Trinity").

Pro Ecclesia Sancta is an institute of Catholic consecrated life made up of priests, consecrated men and women, and laity, founded by Father Pablo Menor SJ in Lima, Peru. We were formally approved in 2012 as an Ecclesial Family of Diocesan Law.  

It is made up of two separate branches: a male branch made up of consecrated persons, among whom are clerics, and a female branch.  composed of consecrated  The lay presence is being structured.

Its purpose is to live and promote the universal vocation to holiness and perfection through the spirituality of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Ad Maximam Trinitatis Gloriam.

It sounded

An old man of eighty plus years was the instrument through whom Pro Ecclesia Sancta was set on its path in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

in the Lord,

whom he loved with all his heart, Fr. Menor, throughout his life, assented to and labored to bring about a series of apostolic initiatives which led to what is today Pro Ecclesia Sancta.


Fr. Pablo Menor, SJ

The writings

of the apostle of the Sacred Heart of Jesus