Our Charism

Why we exist &
what we exist for!

"The eager longing to grow in holiness ought to be the 

constant prayer

in the heart and on the lips of every member of Pro Ecclesia Sancta."

Fr. Pablo Menor, SJ

We exist to live and promote the vocation to


through the spirituality of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and to thus contribute to the permanent renewal, strengthening and expansion of the Catholic Church.

For Christ to reign, for His Heart to reign! Ad maximam Trinitatis gloriam.

“All the faithful of Christ are invited–and are obliged–to strive for the holiness and perfection of their own proper state.”

Lumen Gentium, 42

To be holy, you only need one thing:

“By the will of God, neither will God do it without me, nor can I without Him.”

You only need one thing:
to want it!

Fr. Pablo Menor, S.J.

As Saint John Paul II said:

Holiness is quite simply


God's will with joy!


What is


We were all born and exist to be saints!

You will love

Mark 12: 30

the Lord your God

with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your strength,

and to love

your neighbor

as Christ has loved us out of love for God.

This love ought to be lived out in both the ordinary and extraordinary circumstances of

daily life

with your

co-workers, peers, and whatever your duties of life require of you.


And what is God's will?


can you find your true and lasting

Only with these two loves on your horizon, love of God and of neighbor for God's sake,