to the suffering


There are many who suffer. Find out how we are reaching them: 

The purpose of this mission is the spiritual and material assistance of various communities. It seeks to generate sustainability through various aspects: human, spiritual and intellectual. 

An initiative that aims to bring hope and alleviate the suffering of our brothers. This is sought by providing material and spiritual food, particularly through the celebration of the Mass  in a mobile chapel.

This mission seeks the integral improvement of the inhabitants of the Carapongo valley  through projects related to health, work, culture and sustainable development. The end of of each initiative is always the to grow in the faith and spiritual life.

We live the works of mercy serving our most needy brothers and sisters, providing for their bodily needs and  accompanying them spiritual .

This project included the implementation of the first oxygen plant in Villa Libertad (Surco, Lima) in response to the needs of our brothers and sisters so greatly affected by the pandemic.

Through the colaboration between the Peruvian Cancer Foundation and Pro Ecclesia Sancta, we accompany spiritually those who stay at this shelter while they receive cancer treatment in the nearby clinic.

Grief Groups

These groups accompany those who have lossed a loved one and who are in need of God's consolation.

and generous service of our brothers and sisters who are in most need, both bodily and spiritually.

It is essential that our lives lead us to the


with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind... and love your neighbor as yourself.

We are called to fulfill the greatest commandment Christ left us:

"You shall love the Lord, your God,

Mt.  22:  37-39

It is essential for our lives to devote ourselves to loving service  and generous of our most needy brothers, both in body and soul.

The Heart of Jesus works with


and has no limits to its love.

and has no limits to its love.

From soup kitchens to grieving workshops, rural missions and oxygen plants  we will do whatever it takes to encounter and love Christ in our suffering brother or sister.