ministy is for everyone!

without distinction of background, race or social status.


apostolate is for everyone!

without distinction of origin, nation or social condition.

"He called those whom He wanted and they

Mark 3: 13

came to Him"

Our mission is to live and promote the universal call to holiness, by means of the spirituality of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

This is why

we exist.

Sacred Heart of Jesus

In this Heart, we find the best model to love God and neighbor:

The best model of holiness!

Our spirituality is that of the

By loving

God with all your heart, soul, and being and your neighbor for love of God,

as Christ has loved us.

That's what it means to be "holy"!

We are all called to

From all eternity, God has loved you and wants you to be happy

forever... How?


From all eternity God loves us and wants us to be happy forever. Not with passing pleasures and comforts, but fully realizing ourselves as people... how?


Loving God with all the soul, with all the heart, with all the being and the neighbor for love of God, as Christ has loved us.

That is being holy!

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we are


Pro Ecclesia Sancta

For the Holy Church,
for a holy Church.

composed of priests, consecrated men and women and lay people who, in love with Jesus Christ, work to sanctify themselves and to help their neighbor in their sanctification.

We are a